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Pumps and Pump Parts for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications (905-664-5666)
Pumps and Pump Parts for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications (905-664-5666)

Grundfos Pumps


Inline Single-Multi Stage Pumps

In-line single-stage pumps are typically used in commercial buildings for air-conditioning and heating applications. In-line multi-stage pumps are used when high head is needed.

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Submersible Groundwater Pumps

Grundfos submersible pumps represent advanced hydraulic design with high efficiency, high resistance and other abrasives, burnout protection and easy maintenance.

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Dosing Pumps

Designed for mechanical or digital control. We can rely on Grundfos diaphragm pumps to provide the accuracy, durability and reliability for many applications.

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Immersible Pumps

An immersible pump means that pump itself is immersed in the pumped liquid, typically mounted on top or or inside tanks or containers.

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End-suction Close Coupled Pumps

In an end-suction close-coupled multi-stage pump, the liquid runs directly into the impeller and the inlet and outlet form a 90-degree angle to each other. The pumps typically produce high pressure relative to flow, making them ideal multi-purpose pumps for both industry and water boosting in general.

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Waste Water Pumps

Grundfos waste water pumps combine operational reliability with high total efficiency and offers the lowest cost of ownership and handle the most demanding applications.

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Booster Sets

Grundfos offers booster sets for hospitals, high-rise apartment blocks, irrigation systems and other purposes where there is a need for constant pressure to meet varying demand on the water supply. Check out the broad selection of Grundfos booster sets here.

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End-suction Split-case Coupled PUMP

End-suction Split-case coupled pumps are common in every industrial facility and water treatment plant in the world. Available in both a vertical and horizontal design, split case pumps are in-line pumps in which the pump housing is divided axially into two parts.

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